Who we are

Trusted Systems for Software Development (TTS) is a Jordan based company specialized in providing Digital Forensics and Cyber Security Services.

TTS offered a wide range of Cyber Security services including Consultancy, Assessment, Investigation, compliance, Testing, Detection, and Incident Response.

TTS offers a wide range of Digital Forensic Services including Case Investigation, Data Recovery, and Expert Witness Reporting.

TTS works closely with Trusted System of UAE www.trustedsystems.ae, both sister companies share resources, knowledge and expertise to serve their customers.

TTS is a Dynamic and fast evolving company capable of comprehending and keeping up with the ever changing challenges of the Cyber world.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to work with our customers every step in the way to protect their valuable IT assets. We will educate, inspect, protect, analyze, respond, report, and support our customers in all IT Security related Matters.

Seven Pillars of Digital Wisdom

As the role of technology is becoming more dominant in Business, Society and Law, we can support you in all your IT Security related needs.

We are Electronic Evidence Experts specializing in Digital Forensics and Cyber Security. We obtain factual, un-biased evidence of what really happened and how digital evidence is involved.

Our digital forensic investigators use accumulated expertise and state-of-the art-tools in civil litigation and criminal proceedings as well as internal investigations to discover, investigate and protect through the good, the bad and the ugly

We will help you retrieve the data that is locked within the digital evidence used by suspects, including deleted, hidden and otherwise unobtainable information.

Whatever is responsible for your security hiccups, we are capable of unparalleled responsiveness from highly available Experts with the experience to deliver rapid results.

We are fully qualified to present IT evidence reports and testimonies to Courts. Having worked for a long time with courts, we are very much aware of the proper format, procedures and courts’ expectations.

Prevention has always been the best way to protect IT assets. We, at TTS will work with our customers to fortify their defenses against any hostile Intrusion.

Our Services


Our expert team can deal with vast variety of IT configurations and equipment, and can aid you in the correct assessment of the vulnerability and sensitivity of your systems and data

  • Vulnerability Assessment

  • Penetration Testing

  • Web Application Assessment

  • Network Architecture Security Assessment

  • Mobile Device Assessment

  • Operational Environment Assessment

  • Incident Compromise Assessment

  • Network Threat Assessment

  • Insider Threat Assessment


Highly classified data is almost always made available to employees without the necessary means of control to stop an employee or an intruder from leaking this data to a competitor.

  • Forensic Data Analysis

  • Computer Forensics

  • Mobile Device Forensics Analysis

  • Network Forensic Analysis

  • Web and Internet Forensic Analysis

  • Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering

  • Intellectual Property Theft Analysis

Legal and
Professional Engagement

Our extensive experience allows us to provide accurate and up-to-date technical and legal advice, guidance and project management, whilst ensuring the analysis and production of electronic evidence remains at the highest possible quality.

  • Law Enforcement Support

  • Expert Witness Services

  • Testimonies

Proactive Measures

Suitable proactive measures are meant to close the circle of assessment, analysis, and reporting. Depending on the situation and case under consideration, our offerings include:

  • IT Services Fortification

  • Incident Response Retainer

  • End Point Security

  • Network Security

  • Infrastructure Monitoring

  • Data Loss Prevention

  • Security Information and Event Management

  • Data Recovery

  • Digital Forensics Solutions

  • Source Code Analysis

Methodologies and Standards

TTS adopts latest Industry Standards methodologies and protocols established by leading Professional Associations specific to Cyber Security and Digital Forensics.
Some of the specific methodologies and standards that we embrace:

  • ISO/IEC 27000 Family of ISMS Standards

  • NIST Cyber Security Framework

  • International Society of Forensic Computer Examiner’s (ISFCE) Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility

  • ISFCE’s Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) certification requirements

  • Guidance Software’s EnCE certification requirements

  • National Institute of Standards and Testing (NIST) Computer Forensics Tool Testing (CFTT) project

Contact Us

  • Tel.: +962 (6) 55 20 750

  • Fax:  +962 (6) 55 20 969

  • P.O.Box 2280 Amman 11821 Jordan